What’s Next for the Buckeye Review? A Message From the Editor-In-Chief

 What’s Next for the Buckeye Review? A Message From the Editor-In-Chief

Dear Community,

As you turn the pages of this edition, I stand humbled and honored as the new Editor-in-Chief of the Buckeye Review. Taking the helm of this historic institution, a pillar of our community for generations, is a responsibility I hold close to my heart.

Many of you have known the Buckeye Review since its inception. It’s been a trusted source of news, a platform for our voices, and a chronicler of our triumphs and struggles. I, too, am a longtime reader, forever marked by the stories that have graced these pages.

Those stories will continue. We honor the legacy of our founders and predecessors who have fought tirelessly to illuminate the experiences throughout the diaspora. Their dedication to truth and justice is the bedrock upon which we stand.

However, the world around us is changing, and so will the Buckeye Review. While safeguarding our core values, we will also embrace fresh perspectives and new voices.

Fresh Content for a New Era

Expect to see a vibrant mix of content on our pages. We will continue to report on the news that matters most to our community – local triumphs, national issues with a local lens, and the stories that bind us.

We will also explore new avenues. We will celebrate our rich culture, promote our businesses, and empower our youth. We will create a platform for dialogue where we can grapple with complex issues and find solutions together.

Technology is transforming how we consume information, and we will embrace this change. We will continue to deliver the in-depth reporting you’ve come to expect, but we will also explore new digital avenues to reach you.

Welcome the Torch

Change, though inevitable, can be unsettling. However, I assure you the core mission remains unchanged: to be a voice for the voiceless, a champion for our community, and a beacon of truth.

As I take the helm, I do so not alone. I stand alongside a dedicated team of journalists, writers, and visionaries who share our commitment to excellence. But most importantly, I stand alongside all of you, our readers.

The future of the Buckeye Review is bright. Together, we will ensure its continued growth and relevance. Embrace the fresh content, the new voices, and the evolving landscape.

This is a new chapter, but our story remains the same.

With gratitude,

Dontaira Terrell


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