Meet the Brim Family! Jools TV Creators on Connecting Multi-Generations Around the World

 Meet the Brim Family! Jools TV Creators on Connecting Multi-Generations Around the World

Photo Courtesy of the Brim Family

The Brim Family of the revolutionary JOOLS TV are not only creating unforgettable Black childhood memories but they’re forging resilient minds and familial bonds worldwide. 

The Buckeye Review exclusively spoke with the intentional husband and wife collaboration behind JOOLS TV, an animated children’s YouTube channel. 

Justin and Patrice Brim, parents of Justin Jr. (JJ), 10, Jaxon, 8, Jett, 5, Jhy, 3, and Jo, 3 mo., proudly opened up about their creative impact on the world. 

The Chicago-based family launched their channel in October 2020 amid a COVID-19 induced pandemic. But Justin, a real-estate investor and at-risk youth mentor, and Patrice, who worked as a Field Producer for ABC 7 Chicago, were driven by the charismatic spirit of their late son JJ and the power of Black representation. After touching hearts in the UK and beyond, Justin admitted he was surprised to witness such reach.

“Our ideal success was creating some content and creating a brand that our children have a way to connect and stay connected to JJ after he passed,” Justin told the Buckeye Review. “Anyone who’s lost a child, you still feel your child’s presence.”

He continued: “We’re trying to create memories not just for our kids, but for the world. We take pride in the content we’re creating because we do understand that these can be some kids’ first memories, and we want them to have great memories and good foundations so that they can become whoever they want to be.”

JOOLS TV, where learning and fun meets musical inspiration, has garnered nearly 600,000 subscribers with millions of views from around the world. The edu-tainment platform, also signified as “Js Of Our Lives”, has taken affirmations and “trapery” nursery rhymes to monumental heights. From remixing songs and writing rhymes to penning a book, titled JJ’s Affirmations, Justin and Patrice are proud to enlighten, entertain and bond multi-generations of youth and parents. 

“We wanted to create a platform for all of us,” said Justin, the visionary behind the non-profit High IQ Academy. “Music makes us all neighbors. It makes us all related. But in terms of the frequency, it’s a little bit of what we call nostalgic nuggets. We wanted to make sure that parents were connecting with the music and children.”

Since the beginning, Patrice and Justin were intentional in creating characters similar to their sons. They emphasize the importance of self-love, confidence and Black boy joy. In fact, Jaxon, Jhett and Jhy have grown to love their older brother whose spirit has remained alive through his angelic representation on JOOLS TV. 

Additionally, the couple revel in their sons’ acknowledgement of their talents, animated characters and celebrity status at school. They said it took embodied confidence and willpower to build a platform they’ve never seen before. 

“They’re realizing who they are, what impact they have being these animated characters on screen, and then reflecting and seeing that that’s who they are,” the proud matriarch said. 

“We are taking pride in showing our sons how to be men and how to have a legacy,” Justin added. “We are never going to step foot and do something that we’re not gonna commit a hundred percent to.” 

“A lot of people don’t know that they have something called failure to launch. All the ideas in the world, you cannot be afraid of failure,” Justin continued.

The Brim Family is looking forward to reimagining Saturday cartoons, introducing new genres of music, releasing new books and creating more episodes. Notably, the Brim boys will be authors. Stay tuned!

While entertaining millions, Patrice and Justin strive to break the stigma on marriage and business. They said they thrive on mutual respect and creative support in order to grow their business and family endeavors. This ambitiously enterprising couple is living out the power of two in legacy building and culture shaping. 

“It takes a lot of patience, but the beauty about it is the outcome,” Patrice said. “We get to celebrate together. This project of ours is more than just a project. We are reaching milestones that we honestly never thought we would reach.”

“I really do believe that we can inspire other people because there’s a stigma on marriage in general. And then there’s an even bigger stigma on doing business with your significant other. But I believe that when you marry somebody, you become one and if I’m going to do something, she needs to be with me.” 

Justin continued: “The bigger message is when you are looking for a significant other, you look for somebody who compliments you.”

Atiya Jordan

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