Uncle Nearest Founder’s Book Hits Shelves After Smashing Pre-Order Record

 Uncle Nearest Founder’s Book Hits Shelves After Smashing Pre-Order Record

Fawn Weaver’s Love & Whiskey: The Remarkable True Story of Jack Daniel, His Master Distiller Nearest Green, and the Improbable Rise of Uncle Nearest

After a few months of overwhelming pre-order success with Love & Whiskey earning Amazon’s top Mover & Shaker spot in addition to holding the No. 1 spot in seven of its eight categories throughout the first pre-order week, the book will now be on shelves across the US, including in retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target, Hudson, and hundreds of independent bookstores throughout the country. The book’s launch follows Weaver’s historic achievement of signing over 25,000 preordered copies in just 24 hours, a new record recognized by Guinness World Records.

Love & Whiskey, published by award-winning book producer and publisher Melcher Media, is capturing the attention of readers and critics alike. Publishers Weekly gave it a starred review, noting “It’s a powerful portrayal of a largely hidden American history.” The book delves into the life and legacy of Nearest Green, the African American distilling genius pivotal in the creation of Jack Daniel’s. Set against the backdrop of Lynchburg, Tennessee, it weaves a thrilling blend of personal discovery, historical investigation, and the revelation of a long-overlooked story. Love & Whiskey invites readers to witness a story of enduring friendship, resilience, and the impact of giving credit where it’s long overdue. It’s an inspiring tale of how uncovering the past can forge new paths and how the spirit of whiskey has connected lives across generations.

“At its core, this book is about love and hope,” says Weaver. “At a moment in America’s history, where we’re all searching for those four-letter words, Love & Whiskey delivers that in spades.”

Through extensive research, personal interviews, and uncovering long-buried documents, Weaver highlights the remarkable bond between Nearest Green and Jack Daniel. Daniel’s efforts to ensure Green’s legacy reflect his deep respect for his mentor, teacher, friend, and first master distiller, making this story one of the greatest examples of allyship in American history. Jack’s dedication extended to preserving the stories and achievements of Green’s descendants, who continued working alongside Daniel’s descendants for generations.

As Weaver intertwines her present-day quest with the historical threads of Green and Daniel’s lives throughout the book, she also describes how she paid homage to their legacy by launching and spearheading the creation of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey. Valued conservatively by Forbes at $1.1 billion, it is the fastest-growing bourbon company in American history and the world’s most-awarded bourbon and American Whiskey for the past five years. Readers of Love & Whiskey get a firsthand account of how Weaver built this company against all odds, creating a new blueprint by rejecting conventional wisdom.

The Love & Whiskey Unfiltered book tour kicks off today with a sold-out event at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., followed by another sold-out event at the Hard Rock Hotel in Tampa, Florida. This revolutionary tour features a bold, new approach: no celebrity or influencer host. Instead, Weaver will directly answer unfiltered questions from the audience, making the audience the true host of the event. This unprecedented format allows for an intimate and engaging experience where attendees can interact directly with one of the most talked-about CEOs in America.

Accompanying Weaver on the tour is Victoria Eady Butler, fifth generation Nearest Green descendant and four-time Master Blender of the Year, who will lead an exclusive tasting of four single barrels and blends she created exclusively for this tour. This unique element enhances the experience, offering attendees a deeper appreciation of the craft behind Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey.

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